John during the Episode 6 of E.R

Jonathan Harchick (Born January 16, 1989) A.K.A MoldyToaster is a Youtuber/Director/Comedian mainly famous for his random videos and more importantly, Everyday Repairs. He is also known for creating the three longest videos on YouTube and counting to 100000 in a ten part series. He's been featured on numerous TV programs for the latter and has numerous channels dedicated to his antics.

Let's Tape it! Edit

Aside from Everyday Repairs, Jon has another show. Let's Tape It! is a show directed by Jon and is consisting of him taping random objects with a roll of tape. The video can vary from time, and depends on the object being taped.

Trivia Edit

Was Featured on the Late Night with Conan O'Brien

In 2010, Jon played a short part in the movie "Abduction"

At one point his Youtube page, MoldytoasterVideo, was the #6 most subscribed Youtube Guru

Was Born in Pittsburgh, PA

Jon's biggest fan ever is possibly TheSingerWhoEats

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