Henry William Palmer is a character made by Zach Lehner. Henry Palmer is the brother of James and Cora Palmer.

Personal LifeEdit

Henry Palmer is a 16 year old student at Eastwood High. He is described by his friends as Creative, but quiet.

The SlendermanEdit

Henry's friend, Alex Grey, was a victim of The Slenderman. Henry noticed Alex's behavior turn from being happy to depressed, sometimes caught Alex over-dosing on Medicine.

Before Alex died, he said something about The Slenderman following him, then giving Henry all his tapes he had recorded of him. When Alex died, Henry was left surpried and confused. Henry then left to look for The Slenderman himself.

Profile Edit

Name: Henry William Palmer

Type: Human/Ghost (Ghost as The Slenderman)

Role: Main Character

Age 16/32 (32 as The Slenderman)

Status: Deceased

Reason of Loss: Killed by Benjamin "Ben" Allen

Relations: James Palmer (Brother), Cora Palmer (Sister), William Charles Palmer (Father), Jeniffer Palmer (Mother)